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Mods, maps and textures for minecraft pe. From the application in mcpe (Minecraft PE), you can download all content in one click. Maps and mods for minecraft pe - masterfully install on your phone!
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Mods, maps and textures for minecraft pe. From the application in mcpe (Minecraft PE), you can download all content in one click. Maps and mods for minecraft pe – masterfully install on your phone!

Mods, addons (modifications)

Furniture for minecraft
You can choose mcpe furniture for your dream home. Make the interior in the minecraft world as you wish. Put up an armchair, chairs, bath, kitchen or living room with a TV! And also much more, grill, curtains, pictures, lamps and more, in popular modifications of furniture for minecraft!

Lucky block mod
All successful mods will make your MCPE game varied! All lucky blocks are not predictable, lucky block mod can give you a diamond sword or a bunch of monsters!

Car mods
Install the mcpe addon and drive your car around your minecraft pe! Choose an SUV or supercar to your liking.

Weapons, guns, TNT
Portal hans or medieval weapons, swords, machine guns and pistols! Try to try different types of tnt dynamites, this mod will help to make a large cave right in the bottom of the earth to obsidian.

Maps and Worlds
Choose maps for minecraft pe with different mini-games and horror maps, survival maps. Create your battle with friends in the skywars map for minecraft!

Load pvp maps and fight in groups or one at a time, arrange real gladiatorial battles or play in Sky Wars mcpe mode.

Have fun with magnificent buildings from the best minecraft lovers. You can upload a skyscraper or statue of liberty to mcpe, take a walk around Paris and see many other beautiful buildings!

Maps with this mode in minecraft pe – can do incredible things to you! You will be able to immerse yourself in different stories, get tasks that you have to go through, fight mcpe monsters and kill a bunch of zombies, find treasures, and get prizes for it!

Download parkour mcpe map and you will forget boredom! First try not difficult maps for minecraft pe, then gradually increase the complexity of the parkour map. Immerse yourself in a world of obstacles and tricks, and emerge victorious!

If you are fans of puzzles, then you will like this genre of maps for minecraft. Guess all the secrets of the mcpe map and complete the map to win and proceed to a more difficult level of the map!

Fans of mechanisms will really like Redstone cards, because Redstone for Minecraft makes big houses with different convenient mechanisms, you will literally be presented with different mechanisms. This is a very interesting and exciting type of cards!

MCPE survival – will bring you a lot of adventures, you will fight hordes of monsters in minecraft pe. Conquer the world, build mcpe houses, improve minecraft tools and weapons. And most importantly, you have to destroy the dragon in the ender world!

Try different difficulties in the pocket edition minigames. These cards are best played with friends. Gather your team and play the conquest of territories. And also play Dropper, Lucky Block Race, Lucky Block Challenge or Paul is Lava! Find the mini-game you like!

Find horror maps for Minecraft here, or set up a world with mighty dinosaurs! Try to reach your favorite housemate only if he finds you – you are defeated! In Sky Fight, an interesting battle awaits you on a colorful and convenient heavenly arena, where you will fight with rivals and improve your weapons!

Textures mcpe and texture packs
HD Shaders


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